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When I Rule The World…

When I rule the world,

There will be no child living in poverty,

There will be no human, dying of a curable disease,

There’ll be enough clean water to go around.

There will be enough love, even for the orphans.

There will be enough hope, even for the lonely.

If I ruled the world.


Weekly writing challenge: A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words (or less)…

We’ll put on our best clothes and get our picture taken,

We’ll stand and smile in front of our big beautiful house,

Just one last time, we’ll pretend

That everything is ok,

That the house we planned to raise our family in is not getting repossessed,

We’ll pretend that this will not be the last picture that grandma Jones will see,

Before she loses her sight completely.

Yes,lets capture one last happy memory,

Before everything changes.


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